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Home Based Heroes Scenario #6 Parent and Child

28 Oct 2021 | Uncategorised

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Undertaking Parent and Child fostering is a unique and pivotal role. It can take a number of different forms, dependant on whether it is the baby, the parent (usually a teenage or young mum, but sometimes a dad) or both, who are subject to care orders. As such, the parameters of what will be expected from you will differ for each parent and child, and will be set out in the care planning meeting.

Parent and Child care is often ordered by the Courts as a ‘last chance’ for the parent and the child to remain together, when other interventions have been unable to adequately support the parent to safely care for their child.

Fostering a parent and child could be a great option for anyone who:

  • Wants to make a real difference to the lives of a young family, giving them the best possible chances of staying together in the longer term
  • Has experience in raising a family of their own, or working with vulnerable parents and babies or similar, perhaps as midwives, childminders, nursery workers, support workers, youth workers, probation officers, police officers, teachers perhaps
  • Could model positive parenting, teaching parents how to safely feed, bathe and generally nurture their baby and develop skills such as cooking and budgeting, to hopefully support them to live independently in the longer term
  • Can commit to caring for a period of up to six months, supporting the parent to develop their skills, undertaking assessments alongside the social worker and advocating on both the child and parent’s behalf
  • Is available full-time to support and supervise the parent and child
  • Can support the parent to have healthy, positive relationships, and have time with their partner if they have one, to develop a positive family life
  • Has a bedroom large enough to accommodate a parent and child- including space for a bed, cot and storage. Rooms with en suites or sitting areas are ideal, but not essential. (All equipment such as bedroom furniture, car seats, prams and safety gates, is provided by us.)
  • Is keen to learn and develop their skills through free training, extensive support and being part of a fantastic local family of foster carers

Sound like you? Request an info pack and start your journey today  www.foster4.co.uk/enquire